Sunday, May 17, 2015

Laughter, the Best Medicine

Share a link to a new blog you've found or a new friend you've made.  

As soon as it arrived, I always looked up "Laughter, the Best Medicine" in the Reader's Digest. As a child I plagued my family reading the jokes aloud.  I loved it, though, when I found one that made someone laugh.  The sound of laughter has to be one of the sweetest in the world.  Well, unless you laugh like this.

Life is lighter with laughter and thanks to this Diabetes Blog Week, I found this blog that I look forward to sharing with William.  As I often tell him, you can't change what life throws your way, only how you react to it.  

Thanks for reading this week.  My blog goes way back, back before diabetes reared its ugly head. With momentum from this week, perhaps I can roll forward.

Thanks to Scott Benner of Arden's Day, on whose podcast I first heard about this challenge, and to Karen Graffeo of Bitter-Sweet Diabetes who had the idea to connect the diabetes community through blogging.

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