Saturday, December 26, 2015


When I was a kid, things changed slowly. When new ideas or gadgets hit the market, you expected that major purchase or idea to last awhile. Bought a phone? Good for 20 years. My dad could keep a dryer running forever. Now, your cell phone is practically obsolete as you leave the store.

The silver lining to rapid change? My dad asked me if I thought there'd ever be a cure for William's Type 1 Diabetes. I said I did, and I mean it. With computers aiding data analysis, with lightening fast sharing of results and in communication, I have great faith that he will not live with this forever. It is why I walk for JDRF, fundraise for Faustman labs and read, read, read.

But thinking about the rapidity of change, or the lack of it when I was a kid, I started thinking of words you would not have heard if you grew up in my childhood
  • Put on your seat belt.
  • Are you wearing suntan lotion?
  • Where is the remote control?
  • Where is the phone? (on the wall, of course)
  • Where is your phone?
  • Are you downloading something?
  • The internet is slow today.
  • It's hot. Let's turn on the air.
  • Text me.
  • IM me.
  • Warm it up in the microwave.
  • Walmart
My era had a strong impact on language though. You still "hang up the phone" though it sure isn't as satisfying as slamming down a receiver. You still "roll up the windows" by pushing a button. We sometimes "nuke" our food, though we're a little more comfortable that the technology is safe.

What words do you hear now that would have had no meaning in your childhood? Can you think of any other words that are still used today but the technology or meaning has changed?


Diane Thomas said...

Do you like my skin ? Minecraft

Diane Thomas said...

Would you like a water bottle ?

Diane Thomas said...

Would you like a water bottle?

Junosmom said...

iPhone, bluetooth


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