Thursday, December 17, 2015


We can choose to allow hatred and fear eat at our very souls, or we can chose to bring hope to the world. We can listen to politicians tell us that we must turn away those seeking solace and safety, or we can open our arms and hearts.

There is risk in this. There are people that wish us harm in this world whether because of their religion, their politics, or perhaps just because there is something very wrong with them. I will not let that fear guide me. I have yet to find the Bible passage that tells me to take the safe route. 

I am an older woman who seemingly can't really make much of an impact on this world. I have no great wealth nor power, no outstanding talent or voice. It would be easy to fall into the apathy of not doing anything or saying anything because it would have no impact. What is my voice against a billionaire's? But there are thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of us with enough, more than enough riches - yes, to other countries, we have riches - and if each added her drop to the bucket, the bucket would fill. 

The program is called "Baskets of Hope" but I think the gift of hope is to the giver.

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akwinchell said...

Thanks for the info Cathy. This looks like a great idea!


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