Monday, December 28, 2015


I found out that I can totally hoodwink the guys in the family. They had absolutely no clue whatsoever. The surprise was complete and startling. Daughters, however, seem to be able to read thoughts and minds. Anna was not surprised. Well, I mean she was, but she wasn't.

Wanting to hone my lying skills, I asked her what I'd said or done. Perhaps it was when she overheard me on the phone telling Lauren in a sappy voice that we really were going to miss her at Christmas and we were so sorry she could not come until January or February. Maybe not even that, Anna said. Maybe, she just really very much wanted her sister for Christmas and was hoping it would come true.

The best presents are the ones you can't buy

True story: I once picked up the phone to call my mom and she was on the other end already - calling me. The phone had not even had a chance to ring.

Diabetes Notes:
William's growth spurt (and resultant omnivore eating) has created a dilemma. An Omnipod insulin pod holds 200 ml of insulin which should last him two days. He's falling short by about 8 hours. Our pods prescription is based on two day usage so eventually, he could run out of pods. I don't normally restrict carbs for him, but I am going to calculate the number of carbs per day he can have to stretch out the pod for two days. If he wants more, he'll have to take a shot. The alternative is to switch to a tethered pump with tubing and higher capacity.

On a T1D parents forum, many people reported in that they've gained weight since their child's diagnosis. I didn't at first. Working retail and worry kept the pounds off. Since I've quit, it seems a few pounds found me again. One reason? Cortisol. It seems that lack of sleep and stress cause weight gain. I can exercise more and throw away the dag-nabbit Christmas cookies, but I can't always do much about sleep. I will in the coming year work on more naps. That's a good New Year's resolution! Here's to naps!

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