Friday, September 22, 2006


Now that I've written, recorded and gotten y'all softened up with my platitudes about the wonders of having a four year old, let me tell you about the other side of the coin. Today, it is raining, meaning no playing outside in the limestone sand mountain that is waiting outside our new barn for use in the stalls and around the barn. My mom and husband are coming, Lauren has piano later today, dh is working until late each evening, tomorrow is his company picnic and when we return, dh's father and brother are coming to spend the evening. Most likely, I'll be meeting my dad and brother for lunch on Monday about an hour from home. A busy schedule, but a happy one, surrounded by family for my birthday coming up on Sunday.

Four year olds, however, sense that you have a lot going on somehow, a radar for non-attention by the Mommy. The image that comes to mind is in some movie who's title I've forgotten (is it Alien?) when the octopus-like creature jumps out at the human and is attached to the human's face so that he can't breathe. Today, if Wm. could attach himself to my face, he would. He can't seem to get enough attention or holding. Now, you are probably wondering how I'm typing this? Well, as I type, he is climbing in my lap. He says:

"I love you so much, Mommy. I love you so much I want to be with you."

I guess everything else can wait, eh?

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pita-woman said...

Makes it all worthwhile I'd say. Take all the "I love you's" you can get. :)


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