Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday, we spent the day at Riverside, the home of the Farnselys and Moremans in the 1800s. Once the largest farm around, slaves built the brick home from clay found there on the Ohio River. The kids got to actually dig at the site, tour the home, and make their own bricks. Here's William in front of the house:

I was struck by the quietness of the inside of the house. No refrigerator, no electricity. The first man who lived there ran a bed and breakfast. He'd built the house for his sweetheart, but it took so long that she was engaged already when he went to ask for her hand, and he never married. The second family had eleven children, all homeschooled. There is something about the time period that calls to me, although most likely I'd have been a servant or slave!

Here are the kids on the back lawn with the Ohio River in the background:

And here's Wm's first job as an archaeologist:


pita-woman said...

So did that cast get to come off today?
How long do you think it will be before he asks to get on a trampoline again?

Favorite Apron said...

One of my favorite spots in KY is Locust Grove, on the east side of Lousiville. Hope of Clark's sister -- one of the first places Lewis and Clark stopped on the way back from their expedition.


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