Monday, September 25, 2006


Saturday was the second day of rain and the date of dh's company picnic. It was a light rain as we left, and the company sometimes gives good door prizes. In the middle of their peak season and with moral lagging, it was important to show up at this event.

Sometimes, such events are hard for me. On the one hand, it is the company that pays the bills, the company that in normal times, gives dh the job he really likes. Yet, in this peak, pre-Christmas season, it's the company that steals his time, takes him body and mind. Here's the manager, sitting across from me in the large white tent, who I've heard stories about, who sometimes makes waves that ripple across dh's desk. I smiled my plastic smile, but I didn't have to like him.

A crisis was in progress even as we looked at snakes and spiders in the HerpAquarium. The blackberry on his belt beeped and called him away. I listened as he tried to rearrange schedules and deal with another crisis and the vampire bats in their glass cages drank blood. I could not help drawing a comparison. I wish I could save him from this stress.

We walked outside to view other animals and the heavens opened and it poured like a monsoon in the far East. We admitted defeat and returned home. In the end, we got six inches of rain. Dh's father and brother came to visit that night, and we went to an Irish restaurant for dinner to warm our insides with good, thick carbohydrates to try to banish the rain from our bones.

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