Saturday, September 23, 2006

Biker Chick

My first mistake was in going to Walmart to buy a new purse. I've not had one in years. I generally just stuff everything in my jeans pockets to be hands free to hold onto Wm. Yet, as the years go on, one doesn't want to draw attention to the hips area, making them even wider by stuffing everything you own in them. I know guys do it, but they don't seem to care about their hip width.

Anyway, I'm at Walmart and see that all of their purses fall into the teenage genre of purses. Either impossibly tiny or enormously big, I can just see the girls with their bellybutton piercings, bleached hair and these purses. Where are the purses for the I-don't-want-to-look-like-a-mom-but-don't-want-to-look-14-but-don't-have-$50-to-spend-on-a-purse purses? There were several that were large enough to hold a laptop, if I had one, that is. I finally settled on a not too large black leather purse that had a pocket for my cell. It matches my black leather jacket but I fear makes me look like a biker chick. Perhaps I'll get a tatoo.

My mom visited yesterday and looked at it in dismay. I don't have much in it yet, and it hangs limp like a bra someone bought too big and no chest to fill it. She held up her proper brown alligator skin bag, and suggested a little more taste in my selection next time. Well, I'm not quite ready for the alligator track yet. Maybe I'll get a motorcyle to go with my purse.


Mom said...

I didn't realize I had looked at it with dismay. My bag is not real alligator but leather. I guess I still hear MY Mother saying that you should always buy the best shoes and bag that you can afford beause you could get by with a less expensive outfit or dress but you could always tell a good pair of shoes or handbag.

pita-woman said...

I'm with you... I HATE carrying a purse. It should be a law that men have to carry them too. I hate carrying them, I hate picking them out, hate the styles, and especially hate the ones my mother keeps giving me for xmas every year (I keep having to return them to the stores or donate them to Good Will). Our taste is nothing alike!

Mary B. said...

I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I thought I wouldn't care what I look like now that I am what many would consider a senior citizen. I have a fourteen year old son. My shoulder began to hurt and I was a bit lop-sided after years of carrying a "mom" purse. So, my daughter the doctor suggested I get a bag that is really a back pack. My daughter the professor bought me one that looks purse-like. It hangs between my shoulder blades. It is too small for what I am used to carrying in my "mom" purse. So, I ordered a bag which is a bit bigger from Lillian Vernon. I'm now on my second micro-fiber back pack bag. Today, I signed up for Curves. Gee, the weight of this thing ought to make it unnecessary to go to Curves. Instead, I have to downsize what I carry, especially when I go there. I was told many women lock their purse in the trunk of their car. But I drive a van. What to do? Where do you all put the necessary items such as money, cards and keys and not carry a purse and not have bulging pockets? I only put one tissue in pockets these days as I need no extra bulk in the hips. I hardly even feel right about a pack of Tic Tacs in a pocket.

Favorite Apron said...

I love purses. I like to get mine at TJ Maxx - I love a discount, but it must be real leather.
I have a light purse and a dark purse. My main one for everyday is a slouchy tan italian calfskin hobo bag with no embellishments. I carry everything but the kitchen sink.
Like "Mom," I'd rather spend on one good purse and buy my wardrobe at Goodwill ( about 75%, I think . . . dont' tell MY mom!)
You just had another birthday Cathy - time to get your groove back! I'm currently on a Dump-The-Frump campaign myself . .


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