Monday, October 30, 2006


Today, Lauren went to interview for a pet sitting job in a new subdivision near our home. In a beautiful, large home, the woman and her husband live with their four pampered cats and a rescued golden retriever. The house was spotless and magnificently decorated. Her two boys, now grown, had moved on.

Eagerly, she showed us about the house and introduced the pets. What struck me, however, was that a number of times, she mentioned how lonely she was. New to the area, her husband went off to work each day, and somehow, she'd not yet fit into the community or connected with friends. How sad, I thought, that our world, so connected was so isolationist, that is is so easy to live so close to other people and be lonely. We've lost our social connectiveness somehow.

And yet, maybe it's not so hard to be the one that helps to fix that. Maybe, it's a free pancake breakfast for one person that begins the changes that can cure what ails this world. Maybe its just the reaching out to care. Perhaps I'll get Anna to make her a pumpkin pie.


Becky said...

I love reading your blog Cathy! I wish I could squeeze my life and the things that go through my head and heart into more concise word pictures as you do!

I followed the link to the free pancake breakfast, and received just the encouragement I needed to keep my focus on one of the main reasons why the Lord has me at Trackside!

Mary said...

Cathy, you are teaching your kids about one-on-one kindness. Many people today only do kind deeds through organizations. That's nice but it does not give that human connection people crave. This week, I got Alan to bake cookies and take them to his gymnastics coach. Coach ate one and began offering them around and took them to the office for the young woman to have one, spreading the kindness. Talking to this lonely woman would be as much a kindness as the pumpkin pie. Maybe you can even suggest a way she can help out someone else or a group that does so she could join.

Camflock said...

Did you have Anna bake that pie? We need to go over with you next you can introduce me to our neighbor. You are right, sometimes all it takes is a smile to help someone out.

I have said it before, but your girls have a TOP notch mom! I need to make sure to remind them how blessed they are! --Christine


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