Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekend Report

The stalls are mostly done. We worked hard all weekend cutting thick rubber mats with a box-cutter to custom fit them to horse stalls. I feel like a ninety year old. I'll probably feel worse tomorrow. We have one more stall to do, due to a (uh-hem) measuring error by yours truly.

Last night, we worked until dusk and tired, went to the local Mexican restaurant. While driving there, I laughed aloud to my family that a politcal sign proclaimed a guy with the last name "Kidney" was running for local office. Perhaps his opponent can run an ad, "Kidney, he hasn't the stomach for the job". Dh laughed and comment that another person named "Bowel" could run with the slogan, "Bowel, he gets shit done."

Ah, such is the camraderie of family life, laughing all the way.


Favorite Apron said...


There is a judge in the next county over named Bambi Couch. I laugh whenever I see her signs. It just doesn't sound very serious and professional -- more like a good stripper's name.

Mary said...

I have been known to make a measuring error, Cathy. I hope you are feeling less bruised now after your weekend work.
I love to read about other couples and their shared laughter. We too share the comfortable comraderie of shared laughs.

Camflock said...

You and Rod make me laugh. When Rod saw the "Kidney" sign he declared he wanted to vote for a write in candidate named "Pancreas." I wonder if the vote counters have a sense of humor. --Christine


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