Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Next, He'll Be Asking for the Car Keys

Wm turns five this week, and just today, I saw an important milestone reached (sniff, sniff). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he learned to use the volume control on the TV remote. Before I know it, he'll have complete control over the TV. Oh, wait....he already does.

I love those child development charts, don't you? The ones that tell you if Johnny is progressing at age level and is ready to go to school? They missed a few really important ones:

  • Can play PlayStation for 8 hours straight without needing a bathroom break. Shows control of bladder
  • Can wipe his own arse, but may still need help washing hands to get "it" off of his hands
  • Speaks phrases of Spanish from watching "Go, Diego, Go", necessitating the employ of a translator.
  • Can make his own "manly" food, like microwave popcorn and chicken patty sandwiches. Makes them repeatedly without bothering anyone else for help, eating his weight in them daily.
  • Is adept at manipulating all the adults around him to do his beck and call
  • Dresses and undresses without help, fifty times a day.
  • Shows creativity in language development: "I knowed it because Aidan telled me."
  • Can snore like his daddy
  • Can quote SpongeBob

I'm sure those of you having experienced five year olds can join me in revising these lists, which are obviously missing key milestones.

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