Thursday, February 07, 2008

Making It Work

God punished me for the weather post yesterday. Venturing downtown for the girls' final exam, we had some time to kill before going to the testing center. The public library was nearby - perfect. On exiting, we found a sudden cloudburst in progress. I ran to the car, sacrificing my hair (not much of a sacrifice I hear you saying) to leave the kids to protect the books at the door. As we drove to the testing center, we noticed the street lights were out, wires down. The test was on a computer - needing electricity.

Sure enough, the testing center had no electricity due to a transformer blowing up. We were invited to wait, though the prognosis was up to three hours. I suggested that since the test was on the internet, could we not take the test at another location that had electricity - for example, the library? Well, gee, perhaps that would work, not at the library but at a nearby public high school with a computer lab and proctor. Oh, except that the sloths at the desk hadn't done the pre-test paperwork and didn't have the test code. Welllll, could you not contact the proctor and tell him how to get the code? How about the teacher, who should have time on his hands since this is an eSCHOOL and there is no ELECTRICITY. Can he go with us, meet us there? Yes, it could work. (Imagine that, a backup plan!)

We wound our way through downtown traffic to a public high school where we were admitted to the locked, key-padded door by someone going out. Security is a myth. Asking any bystanding adult, we found the assistant principal who guided us to the lab. I do have to say all the people were more than pleasant and helpful at the school. They were polite in their communication to students walking by. But why was it about 85 degrees in there and why do all high schools have that high school smell? Is it the bodies or the chemicals used to clean?

The girls both finished their exam, completing the dual credit course in Humanities with an "A". Yeah! Both now have three college credit hours for that class.

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