Thursday, February 07, 2008

There I Go Embarassing Them Again

My dad sent the following email:

I think it would be fun to create a limerick! Each week or month or whenever I will give you the first four lines and you give me the last one. Get the kids involved. I will then send all our friends and family the results. Here is the first:

There once was a girl from La Grange
with habits exceedingly strange,
she woke up one day
and I heard her say..

I'm still waiting to hear the prize, but here are my entries:

  • I think that my mom is deranged.
  • I think that my dog has the mange
  • My underwear could use a change
  • You smell - please move downrange

Okay, I have to quit. My girls say I'm too crude and enjoying myself too much. Imagine that!


Robin Rathmell said...

You took all the good ones!

Okay, here is mine:

What a mess - I must rearrange!

George said...

You think Rat is bad, I'm an old Goat!!

Junosmom said...

Lauren was born under the same sign. She was much pleased when she found that some websites describe her as a Ram, evidently preferable to being a goat. Ram must denote strength and he watches over and protects the flock. Yes, you are a ram.

whitetr6 said...

...My yen I must now go exchange

Junosmom said...

I've sent dad your entry. Thanks!

Flock Fold Kids said...

Here's mine (Rod):

"My fav'rite QB's Erik Ainge!"


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