Monday, August 10, 2009

The Birds and the....Gorillas?

Lifetime lessons surround us. Such as....did you know that for some wild mammals, mating season is not only during the spring? And did you know that if you invite your friends to come to the zoo with a teen girl and teen boy of modest standards, that you are likely to prove that point?

Yes, the animals had no shame that day. In front of God and everyone (and there was quite a crowd), Simba (or whatever his name is) decided to make little Simbas. People with little children began steering them away towards the spider collection. Had they waited, it was over quickly - or so we thought.

Simba thought to try again, make sure of his future offspring. But as my nephew, Joey, pointed out, the female bit him. "She BIT him! She's like, "I've had enough, get OFF of me". We decided at this point it might be wise to make our way to the spiders as well, although William could not figure out what the big deal was.

Spiders bore after awhile, and so eventually, we stared through glass walls at the creatures that are so like ourselves, so much so, that you feel sorry for them that they must endure our staring. I wondered why they were not outside. A female lay back, clearly feeling the ennui.

Her cage mates had other ideas. The silverback caused gasps from the crowd as he came down a pole from a ledge. Despite the glass separating us, his sheer size and power gave me chills. He caused the females to run about a bit, wondering if he was in a good mood or inclined to throw them around. After all settled, it was time to find the spiders again. Yes, again, right in front of God and everybody. Interestingly, in both cases, the female asked for it.

Yes, lifetime learning is all around us.

I rode Etta last night in the pasture. She didn't even flinch when the demonic horses from next door charged along the fence line. I would have been in the next county if I had been riding Phantom.

I am stunned at the losses of the Louisville library. Although it is quite a drive for us, the Main library is worth it. It is closed due to the severe flooding which caused $5 Million damage, wiping out the computer system and their entire electrical system. I am wondering when it will reopen - it is one of the cornerstones of our homeschooling resources.

Yesterday was hot and humid - a day like most summers here. It has been a pleasantly mild (yet unusual) summer until yesterday. Humidity today? 96%


Anonymous said...

I never saw dogs mating in Hawaii. First saw them doing so in THAILAND of all places. I was an English teacher there. The dogs did it on the roads and in the yards. Unbelievable life lessons!

Sepiru Chris said...

Good times all around, apparently.

How did the piano concert go and the school search? I know that that is important in so many ways, and from so many perspectives, that I wish the best thoughts for all of you in that search... and the searches that will follow.

I have just returned, again, and will start checking through the archives, but it looks as if you have been very busy, lady!


pita-woman said...

I would think living the farm-life, Wlm. would be quite used to animals "doing what comes naturally".

Cloudia said...

Another great post! Your world lives vividly in my imagination - perhaps because you write so well and our lives are so different.
Any way, I am your biggest fan!
Comfort Spiral

Cloudia said...

Yeah! how dd the concert go?

Junosmom said...

Thank you for your comments. Lauren's concert is this coming Saturday. She is working very hard, but still fitting in some fun.

As for colleges, we're still in the throes of all that.


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