Friday, August 14, 2009

Horses are Good for the Soul

Quid and Joey (my nephew)
Rode Etta Mae for the first time this evening on the road to neighbor's house and back. She was superb but evidently has never seen painted road lines. She trusted me, though, and stepped over them. I wonder if she could feel my hands shaking through the reins?

Spent the day at the park and pool with friends/fellow homeschoolers, a "not-back-to-school party".

Turned in Anna's artwork for the 4H portion of the state fair! More artwork to turn in this weekend for the non-4H side. Lots of shows coming up.

Dumb old Blogger. This is my Saturday post but it won't save it as such and is publishing today. Oh, well, no Saturday posts and two Fridays.


Cloudia said...

That dear picture says it all!
You are a missionary of soul....I so love coming here. Thank you.
Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Love the title... I totally agree!!


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