Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is an interesting phenomenon that two engineers (and dh an MBA to boot) produced two children focused on the arts, one in performing arts, one in visual. How did that happen?

Lauren returned this past Sunday from two weeks in Sacramento, California culminating in a 10 Piano Performance where 10 pianists played the same piece on 10 grand pianos simultaneously.
Awarded Piano #5, a great honor, she was very pleased with the performance. She even commented that the Japanese teachers there clapped!

Why make a comment like that? The Japanese teachers are very strict, working students very hard. Only towards the end of the two weeks did they begin to relent and nod. Yes, students were making improvements. A compliment from them meant something, for they were not given lightly.

Given the cost of travel right now and other family obligations, the family did not go with her, and my heart was heavy to not see her perform. Still is. Yet, she is moving into her adult life, and it is nearly time for her to fly this chicken coop. One more year. Here is the performance as taped by a parent in the audience:


Cloudia said...

Do you mind very much if I share a small bit of your pride in this budding musician?

I'm bowled over by what you and your child have accomplished together,

But I'm very curious now about your engineering background!

aloha my blog Sister-

Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Utterly amazing how she (they) can play all those complicated pieces from memory. It was almost like watching a ballet on the scenes that showed all the players, moving in unison.

whitetr6 said...

a "lovely dream" just as I'm sure Mr. Liszt would have wanted. Great job


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