Monday, August 03, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Raccoon,

Finding food growing freely is very resourceful, and truly, I don't mind that you take a tomato once in awhile. In fact, I love to give back to the environment. But I find you very wasteful to have chosen FIVE fully ripe tomatoes from my vines and to eat only 1/4th of each. Shameful, it is. Please, clean your plate next time before going back for seconds.

Owner of only two tomato plants

My nephew, Joey, is staying with me this week.

Lauren will be playing in a 10 piano concert in two weeks. She told us that she was chosen to play the #5 piano! The two middle pianos, #5 and #6 of ten, are the most prestigious for the best players. They are in control of the start and flow of the piece. She will be playing Liebestraum.


debra said...

Kudos to Lauren!
Our garden is fenced, so I just feed the slugs.

whitetr6 said...

Dear Junosmom,
I share your concern for waste, as my species is well known for our frugality. I feel compelled to report that it is not I that have stolen your ripe tomatoes, but that fiend the opossum. I shall be vigilent in my nightly visits to your lovely garden, and if I should see the guilty party approaching, I will stealthily replace the tomatoes with hot peppers. That other fellow isn't too bright, so I suspect this will keep him away in the future. Yours in conservation, Rocky

Junosmom said...

It occurred to me to write to Mr. Varmint, rather than Mr. Raccoon, as I didn't really see the culprit. But I hate raccoons, the chicken murderers, so I blame them for everything. However, a very large opossum was cornered by Daisy yesterday. I think it looked guilty.

pita-woman said...

Congrats to L!
I feel your pain on the 'maters. We've 18 plants, and every single 'mater I've picked so far this year (and last) has either a black rotten spot on it or a single bite taken out of it. You'd think with that many plants, they'd leave me something to harvest that isn't ruined. :(

Cloudia said...

Great note!
Go Lauren!!!


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