Friday, April 02, 2010


"Mom, what does "Happy Whore, 2 to 4" mean?" William asked asked as we drove about town yesterday. WHAT? His reading skills are improving leaps and bounds but I need to teach him how to read the word "hour" with an OW sound!  By the way, we were at Sonic, not at a bar.

Driving about town, he now reads each sign we pass, checking the odometer to make sure I'm going the speed limit he can now read, reading all the exit and road construction signs. He asks me questions about driving and the lines on the road, then chants, "Now they can pass, now you can pass, now no one can pass, now you can pass...." He'll be a well trained driver in eight years. OH! My baby will be driving in only eight years!

In other news, we attended a private reception last night at the local art gallery for a juried art show.  The first place winner could not partake of the wine and cheese party, as she was too young:

My friends and I tried without much success to contain our delight and joy that she won.  My friend, Becky, fanned her face to keep tears from coming.  What a night!  There were many wonderful pieces in the show, and I dared not hope that Anna would win.  It is now hanging in the gallery until June, unless of course, it sells before that time.

A friend came by last night with six eggs for my broody hen.  We decided that the many eggs the bantam was sitting upon had already gone too far, a week already.  I have a neighbor with an incubator, however, and am going to ask him to hatch them out.  He's an old retired shop teacher who regularly begs composted manure from me for his spring plantings.  He wants to do something in return, and offers me chicks in exchange.  Like I need more!  But - my friend does.

I had quite a day yesterday.  It started with knowing I had to have another piece of Anna's finished art re-stretched onto a new frame.  She had painted the Ohio River painting on a gallery wrap canvas, which is too thick to frame, and the contest rules clearly stated that it must be framed.  Luckily, our small town is artsy and sports it's own frame shop.  I took it up there, and voila!  They fixed it up.


pita-woman said...

Kudos to Anna! I've no doubt she'll win with that river view painting as well.

On a slightly different note...
I see where you're neighbor a couple doors up is opening up a bed & breakfast. Maybe Anna could find out if they have any interest in decorating with artwork from a local artist.

Cloudia said...

I understand your friends emotion. as your friend I too was proud and moved to read this wonderful post.

Thanks for sharing your bounty with us...

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral


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