Monday, April 25, 2005


I was trying to leave a message on a cell phone for Lauren, my daughter, when my call-waiting beeped in. It was Lauren calling from Germany to tell me she had a ride home from the airport. This past weekend, with my Dad in the hospital, twice I picked up the phone to call my sister, but before I could, she had called me. Many times it has happened that I'll be thinking as I drive the car, and then say out loud what I was thinking, and Anna, my daughter, will say "that's weird, that's just what I was thinking about!" This connection has happened also with my husband and my mom. More than once, I've pressed the button to get a dial tone to call Mom, only to find her already on the other end.

Probably one of the strangest occurrences was the morning I awoke and my first thought was "Something's wrong with Dad." I brushed it off because I knew that my sisters would call me if anything was wrong, yet all day I kept thinking that perhaps I should call. Later, my sisters did call, and Dad had spent the day in the hospital due to polyps that had caused bleeding.

I do not question that there is another sense or connection, perhaps like natural cell phones of which we humans are often oblivious. Our world is so full of noise and activity that it drowns out all my intuition and quiet messages. I don't think these are all coincidences, just times when the world quiets for a moment.

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