Thursday, April 21, 2005


By necessity, we are unschooling these days. Lauren, who is in Germany, is learning about German culture. At least I hope so. In her first call home, she said that they had gone to a pizzeria their first night there. I envisioned her eating sausages and sauerkraut. It will be interested to see what she learns from this trip.

Though she is reluctant to do so because they are so loud, Anna is learning a little about using the saws (see article below) and measuring. She is also working on web design, writing, and she is keeping up with a few of the programs I have for her independent work.

Yesterday, because the day was so beautiful, we took a break from our work to go to the zoo. What a wonderful day it was.

I think unschooling is terrific, and more meaningful learning. It does, however, require more journaling on my part and I wonder where I'll fit one more thing I need to do?

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