Friday, April 22, 2005

Traffic School

The cop wasn't interested in any explanation two months ago when I was pulled over for going 13 miles per hour over the speed limit. He didn't want to know that I didn't know I was speeding, for the limit had just changed a few feet back, and I hadn't noticed, occupied as I was with a three year old screaming the same phrase over and over. He didn't care that I had two pre-teens talking at the same time or that I'd just spent two hours trying unsuccessfully get one daughter signed up for soccer in a very loud gymnasium. Perhaps he was right, I was speeding, he was waiting for me, and excuses are just that. It was a very bad day best forgotten.

In order to save my insurance rates and not get "points", I subjected myself to traffic school. Along with 42 other individuals, I sat for four hours of films on how to properly attach my seat belt, road conditions and statistics. Here are some of my more interesting learnings:

It is legal to drive barefoot in Kentucky.
It is legal for an adult to ride unrestrained in the back of a pickup truck.
It is legal to make a U-turn anywhere in Kentucky as long as the conditions for doing so are safe.

I am not sure safety school is going to make me safer after all.
Barefoot Cathy who drives an F-150

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