Saturday, April 30, 2005


Lauren commented that she thought it was supposed to be spring (and not this cold, rainy weather). This is actually how I envision Spring. Most years, Louisville weather jumps right from freezing to 90 degrees. I love nothing better than laying in my comfortable bed at night and listenting to the gentle rain fall. My lettuce and spinach in the garden is coming up nicely, instead of bolting to seed. I love the rain.

Rain keeps William inside. William has learned to use all the locks in the house, and lets himself out often. At three years old, this just isn't safe. I'll have to send for a locksmith this next week to deadbolt all the doors and maybe put chains on high up. This may not work, however, as I found him standing on the kitchen counter yesterday looking for the piano key. He'd pushed a kitchen chair over and climbed on up. Watching him is a full time job.

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