Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shopping Hell

If you know me, you know I'd rather shovel manure than go shopping. Seriously. Shopping with a three year old for two pre-teens is challenging enough, but the selections available today make it impossible. Who are the people designing these clothes??

My daughters have just now crossed over from the big girls' section into the juniors section, which is when all the trouble began. There seems to be no standard for jeans manufacturing, and each brand's size fits differently. My long-waisted modest eleven year old will not wear hip huggers, which seems to be about all that is sold these days. She says they feel like they're falling off. My petite thirteen year old will wear hip huggers, but the jeans today are all made skin tight around the thighs, and that bothers her.

I suppose it is a sign of my advancing age that I am amused by the young girls I see shopping in the stores, wearing these jeans. Since when is showing your butt crack like a construction worker considered sexy?

And what designer decided that women want to go around dressed like Easter eggs? All the colors this year are lime green, robin's egg blue, orange, bright pink and yellow. Everything we saw were those colors, or worse, a combination of those colors. All departments were like that, including those where I'd normally shop for myself. As I looked yesterday, I saw the alternative: I was next to the "granny shop" where I could outfit myself in nautical themes though I've not been on a cruise and there seems to be no boat on the horizon.

After more than once having a heart attack because Will, our three year old, was in the middle of a clothes rack hiding, we called it a day. A few plain t-shirts and a pair of jeans each for four hours of shopping. And other women enjoy this?


gr8daneluvr said...

Well, I 150 % agree with you on the styles of the clothing. When I was shopping the other night, it was nearly impossiple to find jeans that weren't hip-huggers, flared or bell-bottom legs, or that grungy, dirty looking denim. Whatever happened to straight-leg, normal jeans? And with a long inseam?
As for the colors, I had to hang my head in shame... because the 4 shirts and 2 of the pants I'd bought a couple of nights ago were the very colors you mentioned. I have to admit, I like them!

Junosmom said...

Hey, well, the colors look good on the right person, and you have the right coloring for them. I don't. I am an "autumn". So are my girls. It is just my frustration that everything looks the same colors - and those colors don't match us. Sorry if I was a little strong on my objection :-)

gr8daneluvr said...

Nah! No offense taken. I was grinning the whole time I read the blog... I go through the same frustrations in one way or another. And that's just shopping for me! I can't imagine having to do so for 3 kids on top of that. ;)


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