Sunday, June 12, 2005

Anna on left, Lauren on right.
On Friday, we went shopping. I found a skirt and top I liked. Well, so did my daughters, as you can see. They found that it came in three colors, so we each picked one. Last night, we went out to dinner and enjoyed our swinging skirts. Tell me, how many teens would enjoy dressing like their mom and going with them out to eat? I am so lucky. Aren't they beautiful?


Pinklunamoon said...

The dressing is awesome, i would have pick the pink one too. I think it's very cool what you 3 did! You are a Lucky mum indeed and i hope to have the same kind of relation with my daughter(s) in the future ^_^.

Polly ( Hello list) said...

Cathy - I LOVE this!! My daughter is almost 13 and we have the same taste in clothes - we often go out the door dressed remarkably alike. I thought we were the only ones. : )


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