Monday, June 27, 2005


We went to a park today to play before attempting to shop for shorts with a three year old boy. We ate a picnic lunch and played for awhile, and it helped to some degree. I noticed that the flies are biting now, though.

A member of our local homeschool list sent this link to me for beneficial bugs: There is a type of fly predator that one can order, put in the horse manure, and it eats fly larvae before they become biting flies. Worth a try, eh? I thought the prices looked good for other insects as well and might make a good summer biology project.

Speaking of flies, and time does fly, I was amazed at the changes to this state park we visited. When my girls were young like my boy, there was nice playground equipment, swimming in the lake, and in the winter, there was a ski slope. We notice that much of the playground was gone. There was a sign posted that the beach was closed, no swimming. The ski lodge and operation was obviously defunct. It seemed only yesterday....

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gr8daneluvr said...

Well, as to the flies: Yes, they are biting and with a vengance (sp?) this summer. I was outside for all of 5 minutes last night and I'm sure I looked like I was dancing to the neighbors, but in fact was trying to get away from the vicious creatures.
As for the park, um, can I guess that it was General Butler? If so, then you're right, it's almost a dump now. We went camping there a year & a half ago, and the campgrounds/bathhouse was disgusting!!


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