Sunday, June 12, 2005

Efforts to Get Home Schoolers Back Into Public Schools

Please click on the link above to watch a clip about Efforts to Get Home Schoolers Back Into Public Schools.

Here are some of my thoughts:
1. They show primarily only one aspect of the reasons for homeschooling. Even so, most homeschoolers I know are more complex than just one reason for homeschooling. You wouldn't be able to just change the curricula to get them back.

2. This is about money, not education. In a capitalistic society, when the consumer doesn't like the product, they go elsewhere. So, should the manufacturers continue to try to convince people the product is good, or try to change the product so that it truly is? I think schools as they exist today are becoming obsolete and too expensive. There will have to be big changes in the future.

3. In one segment, an educator says "this is about education and preparing them for life." I believe that isn't the case. This is purely political and financial for these districts. While I think these men (women) have good intentions, they are deceiving themselves about the bottom line. Also, why would putting my child in a building all day prepare them for life? They are too busy living a life right now to confine themselves to one place.

4. I will admit to wishing there were classes here in my county that were rich with experiences and opportunities - interaction with adults that have expertise, not just textbook based classes. The way to achieve, IMO, this is not through partnership with the public schools (which will exact a price with accountability read: control) but through development of another market. Only through this competition will the schools change and improve to help those students who haven't the option to be homeschooled.

5. I would be extrememly offended to go to my Church and be given a talk that tried to convince me, using my own religion, that my kids should go to school. The roof would be raising on that church from my outrage. Where were all the parents in that discussion that followed the service? I saw only teens and one man. I do go to a Church that has a private school. Once or twice a year, they will speak during announcements and talk about the school, "sing" its praises and mission and how it is a great place to send your kid. BUT, they aren't trying to say that it is what God wants me to do, which is what it seemed this man was doing.

6. I thought it amusing that when he met with one family (why'd they let him in the door???), he told the girl sitting to his left that "based on your past experience as a homeschooler" he was was going to put her in an accelerated class. HUH???? This tells me that she was doing well homeschooling, above her peers, so why, oh why would she want to go to a public hs?

Now, I gotta go get ready for church, where they better not try to convince me to put my kids in their school.

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