Thursday, June 23, 2005

Three Year Olds

My greatest challenge these days is keeping my cool when my three year old starts hitting, chasing dogs, yelling and tormenting my 12 year old. She wanted to know why he so enjoyed fighting with her, and not with my (almost) 14 year old. She reacts to his three year old attention-getting schemes, and I told her that it was more fun to light a firecracker than wet tissue. She was a firecracker, and so, to his mind, he got more reaction (albeit negative) from her than the other sister who reacted more calmly.

It is difficult to not react when he hits or yells, yet I've learned to decipher his moods as his frustration for whatever reason. It is a signal to us that he needs something. Yet, it is hard on the patience because he does get so very much attention. It is going to be even more trying when school work gets underway.

Going anywhere is a study in patience, because he cannot understand the many reasons we need to get going, why he needs to be in his car seat, why we can't take home that neat bicycle that he can now peddle.

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