Friday, June 17, 2005

The Little Things

Our farrier came today to trim the three horses. All were in good condition despite the lush grass. Generally, while trimming, there is a good deal of conversation that goes on as well. "P" likes a good story and has many to tell. Lately, though, his family has had some tests of faith and challenges.

His son, "N", served in Iraq. Each time P would trim our horses, he would tell us of his prayers and anxiousness for his son's safe return. And then the day came when he returned to our communities welcome and yellow ribbons tied for him. Not too long after, we were saddened to hear that N had gone four-wheeling with some friends late at night - without his helmet - and had an accident. He had survived the war unscathed, but not the accident. He now is battling brain injury and infection.

You might think that such a tragedy would sour P and his wife. Quite the opposite, he seemed softened. He talked of the people he's met at the hospital, the small miracles they've experienced. He talked of meeting people that showed courage with even greater challenges. More than once, he's had chance encounters of people that somehow were unknown before but connected back to his life. "I don't sweat the little things anymore," said P.

P thought God would give his son back in some fashion some day, for why would they see such promising developments so far? Perhaps this journey has more to do with just N. It seems that N's tragedy has drawn together many people. I hope his recovery does, too.

Please consider a prayer for this fallen soldier and his family. And if you have a loved one, make them wear a helmet.

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