Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Best of Everything

A weekly column in our local paper has readers write about something that they think is outstanding or something worth buying. Lands End flannel sheets are very expensive, and worth every penny. It's funny, but sheets are something you use every day of your life for eight (hopefully) hours a day, yet people are often stingy when buying them. "I got my sheets over at Wollymart for only $3 a piece!" they'll say. But those sheets won't give you that "ah" feeling as you slip between them after a hard day. Lasting seemingly forever, they one luxury that lasts forever and gives you pleasure every day.

So, what item could you not do without? Write a comment to me!


gr8daneluvr said...

Well, I've never found any sheets for $3, but I do buy the bargain-basement sheets for the dogs... my feeble attempts to keep the furniture covered, emphasis on feeble. No point in spending a fortune on them when they're just going to rip them up in no time at all. But I agree on quality for sleeping on. 250 count is the absolute lowest I'll even consider buying. But, the higher the count, the better.

ginabina said...

Good quality chocolate. A very good purse. Comfortable, long wearing quality SHOES--it's amazing how important that's becoming as I get older!


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