Thursday, November 03, 2005

Media Blitz

What is with the sudden media blitz that says that homeschoolers are denying their kids socialization? Like the country has been doing so well with all the public schooled kids???

Here's where you can read about Dr. Phil's take on homeschooling:
No Room for Compromise
Bill Maher also aired tonight a segment on homeschooling, saying that it was no surprise that two teen singers that sported Hitler tshirts were homeschooled. (Note: contains offensive language)

And if you want to read an opposing and supportive view of homeschooling results, go to

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gr8daneluvr said...

I think that a good education (as well as bad) can be gotten via both methods... And I think it's all in direct relation to the help, input, and attention the students receive from their parents/teachers.
I used to frown on home-schooling, as one of our former neighbors did it (her method was entirely different than yours). She ordered videos and plopped her kids down in front of the tv to learn their lessons, and that was about it. Her kids weren't involved in any other, outside activities or lessons (such as yours are).
I say do whichever method works for you and your children. :)


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