Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Teaching Compassion and Responsibility

One of the most difficult jobs of parenting is teaching children to have compassion and responsibility for the humans and other creatures of this world. While I cannot go into detail here, Lauren became aware of a situation where an animal may not be getting appropriate medical care, and indeed, may be suffering abuse by most people's standards. She looked to me to do something. It is a sticky situation - a neighbor, a friend we thought. She's been nothing but kind to us. But here is this animal...

I talked to the owner and found that she intends to find it a new home. I am now faced with possibly taking on a sick animal with vet bills (which I can ill afford) because I cannot turn the other way. I don't know if she'll let us take it, but I suppose I should do something. Perhaps children are here to teach us responsibility, eh?

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gr8daneluvr said...

**sigh** you've got a soft-spot in your heart for the 4-legged children of the world, just as I seem to do. We have a hard time turning a blind eye to the situation, or taking a stand and saying "it's not our responsibility".
No matter our financial situation, we always seem to find a way. Kind of like us with Olivia... we could ill-afford to take on another mouth (and a big one at that), but I couldn't stand by and allow her to be cast aside (put down). If you gain a new family member, I wish you luck.


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