Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fresh Produce

It's been cool this summer so far resulting in a good broccoli crop in my garden this year. So, with an abundance of it, I fixed some for dinner tonight. In a hurry, I decided to just rinse it and microwave it while I dashed about fixing the rest of dinner. Around the table, my family began eating and talking. About five minutes into the meal, dh stood up suddenly and spit out his broccoli. "Caterpillars," was his one word explanation.

Seems I forgot about that. Oops. All at once, my teen girls began yelling "EWWWWWWWWW" and spitting out their broccoli, retching dramatically. I casually picked up the one branch on my plate, and sure enough, there were several fat, juicy yellow worms. The spitting continued for a good five minutes. William even joined in, though he'd not eaten any broccoli yet. I'll admit, it turned the stomach a bit.

I'm sure this is one of those stories they'll save up for tormenting me later. It will get re-told at family gatherings and embellished. Like the time I made some chicken with a new spice that I found at the grocery. Okay, I put on a little too much, resulting in the "gunpowder chicken story". And, my dh and Lauren will NOT eat lasagna, particularly spinach lasagna, because one year, they both contracted a virus and threw up lasagna. They blamed the dish and now won't eat it, ever. They ignore the fact that Anna and I did not get sick on the same food. Well, I suppose that stories like this only come along once in awhile and are to be relished. Much like a fat, juicy worm.


George said...

Yuck!!! and to think I just had dinner at your house on Saturday, I'm trying to remember if what I ate was a bug "motel" or not. I remember I passed when offered salad.Dad

pita-woman said...

Um, weren't you the one that was taking a survey on pesticides and whether or not people would mind eating a few bugs with their food in order to avoid pesticides?
Gimme the pesticides!


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