Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hey, Girlfriends!

Last night, Lauren played as beautifully as ever, and musically the best (according to her teacher and myself) as she's ever played. Sitting through what felt like hours of Twinkles and London Bridges, I thought back over the years of holding my breath as she and Anna played, marvelling at their interpretation of Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and proudly attending the reception after as their mom. And so, I sat for the littlest ones, smiling to my self.

Okay, smiling for awhile. I sat in the row from Hell. I got into the hall early and picked the perfect seat. I could see the keyboard; I had a good angle for videotaping. To my right, sat two young girls, maybe 4-5 years old that obviously had fire ants in their panties. Lil' Princess to my immediate right talked the entire performance.

To my left, sat a 5 year old little boy in his mama's lap. He had the bubonic plague or whooping cough or something. Several times, he had a major coughing fit. Aside from wondering disease he was kindly sharing with me, he had another major fit just as Lauren began to play. I have proof on my video camera. The good part of this is that it made me so very mad that the mom hadn't taken him out of the hall, that I didn't cry at her performance.

After the recital, a man came up to Lauren and complimented her on her fine blue dress. "It is SO you and went SO well with your song." Lauren thanked him and we moved off. Later, the man came back again, complimenting her dress. "Are you her mom?" he asked, placing one hand on his cocked hip. I stood a little taller and nodded. "Well, I hope you don't mind my saying so, but you should [he looks to Lauren] sweep your hair up, [he demonstrates with his hands] arrange it in like...say a French Twist."

Lauren and I both at this point are hiding our smiles. I explained that neither of us were very good with hair and that the salons are generally not open at the time of recitals. I asked if he'd help us, but he declined as he didn't do hair. He suggested that Lauren get together with her girlfriends and practice. I didn't explain that Lauren did get together with her girlfriends to practice, but they more likely practicing the perfect running vault onto their ponies or braiding manes and tails, not each other's hair. He was kind though, and gave us an amusing tale for the evening.

We told the story several times that night about how we'd heard that song, Chopin's Nocturne in E-Flat, Opus 9 about seven years ago and that dh promised Lauren a grand piano in return for playing it in recital. She has fulfilled her promise, as has dh. Did it make a difference? I believe so, as do her teachers. Now, if it could only double as a new car or dining room table or something.

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