Thursday, June 08, 2006


Two weekends ago, I decided to tackle cleaning the truck. It's a monumental task, believe me. The truck is not only a mode of transportation, but often a place for having lunch, changing clothes, storing toys and shoes. I've found French Fries in there older than my last hair cut, and that's saying something. (Don't you think it rather odd that McD's french fries don't mold? See movie Supersize Me.)

Discouraged, I thought I'd start on washing the outside. In the garage, there is a white bucket that dh has clearly marked CAR WASH ONLY to make sure it isn't used for all sorts of dirtier tasks, like cleaning horse sheaths, and to ensure a clean bucket if ever he wanted to wash his car. Even as I lifted it down from the nail in the garage rafters, I could feel the weight was more than it should be. Then, a bird swooped past me and out the door. I looked in the bucket, and to my surprise, discovered a house sparrow nest with two babies.

The nest is about a foot deep, and contains two, possibly three babies of a house sparrow. I now must leave my garage door open at least a little so that she can come and go to feed them. Obviously, she can't read - CAR WASH ONLY.

As with humans, they grow fast and already have feathers since this photo was taken. We take the bucket down, now and again, to take a peek. I don't know how they intend to fly the nest. It seems we're not the only ones nesting. See PITA Woman's blog.

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pita-woman said...

Ooh, they look like little mice in the nest. Hope you have better luck with your hatchlings than I did. What am I saying?, mine never made it to hatchlings.


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