Monday, June 05, 2006

Honk if You Love Jesus

I don't do bumper stickers, so my Ford F150 doesn't have a Honk if.... bumper sticker. So imagine my surprise when I got two honks today from truck drivers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon driving Lauren to and from the University of Louisville. At my age, when a truck driver honks, I think "what, is my wheel about to fall off?" Perhaps I ran over some debris in the roadway, and I'm now dragging a young sapling behind me. Must be something wrong with the truck.

All checks out, so I move to my own appearance. I look down. I'm wearing a modest, not too tight, sleeveless cotton button-down. All the buttons in place. Capris, not shorts. So WHAT, already? I guess he couldn't see my face to know that I have gym shoes older than him. Maybe he doesn't know that, like Maya Angelou said, my "sisters" are in a race to see who reaches my belly button first.

Perhaps it is Ford F150 Awareness Week and they're honking their appreciation of my fine ride? Does that sound hokey to you? Well, while driving I hear on the radio that it is National Accordion Awareness Month and this week in particular, is Headache Awareness Week. Gee, I think if you had a headache you'd be aware of it, wouldn't you?? This is also Clothesline Awareness week. Who thinks up these things? Does this use my tax dollars (no doubt)? Maybe it's a ruse by the card manufacturers. But, to whom do I send the Clothesline Card?

Anyway, I see from the list that my truck isn't featured for the month of June. No doubt the driver was bored out of his mind. He couldn't have been honking at me.

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