Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Turkey's Butt

There is an interesting trend in hairstyles these days that may be a good thing for me: the messy look. You know, the kind of hairstyle that looks like you went to bed with your hair wet and now it's all sticking straight up in the back. Dh says many of his female co-workers have these new styles, and he can't figure out if they mean it to look deliberately messy or they actually are. Not appreciating the style, he says they look like the backside of a turkey.

At a restaurant last month, the youngish waitress had styled her hair so that it stuck straight up in the back. Perhaps having had one too many beers, an older man at a table of elderly couples leaned over and loudly told the woman that her hair was sticking up. She just laughed. It did look for all the world like a cow had licked her. I think I'll try this style to the left. Then, no one will know if I forgot to brush it or am just on the cutting edge of fashion.

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Well, I hadn't heard of the turkey-butt haircut, but my sister was sporting a style that she said looked like a dog's butt-hole.
Me personally, I'll just keep sporting my Susan Powder - Stop The Insanity! hairdo


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