Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Advice: Buy Stock in Tape

The girls enjoyed building with VHS video tapes. They made fences and buildings, barns and mountains out of them. No matter how I organized them so that I could find just the one I wanted, by the next day they were all a jumbled mess.

William, who hardly knows what a VHS tape is, thwarts my efforts to be organized by ensuring that there is never any tape in the house.

Here you see a space ship. Encapsulated in his Croc Shoe spaceship, a Star Wars Storm Trooper is held in place with all the tape that remained in the blue dispenser (now empty and discarded and I am now out of tape). The purple cord is our dog leash.

It hung this way in our basement until Sunday morning when he took it all down, saying he was going to wear the old Crocs to Church (without socks). I quickly put the kibosh on that, but was happy to end this particular "art exhibit".

Louise (Anna's kitten) has proven her mental and physical prowess by learning to turn on the lights and turn the door knob to let herself out of the bathroom. She can also unlock the door if it is locked. Last night, we were alerted that she had escaped when dh heard someone playing the piano at 2 a.m.


pita-woman said...

Ah, will there be piano lessons in Louise's future as well?
I've got two 4-foot stacks of VHS tapes, mostly with my Perry Mason, Law & Order, and Homicide: L.O.T.S episodes. I never go back and watch them, yet I can't bring myself to get rid of them either.
Organized? What's that??

Kristen Painter said...

The piano playing kitten totally cracked me up!

Sepiru Chris said...

Please do not let Louise Gmail chat with Pommes. If he could open doors there would be no end to the terror...


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