Monday, March 09, 2009

My Town Monday - Change

Chainsaws and chippers growled all weekend, cleaning up the bones of trees fallen in the last ice storm. Even after the dark as dh and I walked down the driveway from our barn chores, trying to enjoy pointing out the Big Dipper, North Star and "Ol' Ryan" (Orion, but differently named by Wm when he was younger), our peace was interupted by the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeraahh of the limbs being fed into the grinder. Farther down the street and into the town, piles of limbs lay near the street curbs, waiting optimistically for the county road crews to come remove them.

Change is in the air. This week, flocks of robins arrived. Is it spring, we asked? They were preceded by thousands of starlings. Yesterday, a killdeer screeched as I approached the field. And the green tips of daffodil leaves are above the ground now. It will soon be spring, I encourage myself, but with it come thunderstorms and tornados. Everything has a price.

The change in the air isn't just in the weather. I scan the Internet for good music schools and art schools. My girls grow towards their adult lives. I send them mixed messages: stay here! go! My motherly instinct is to keep them close where I can help them, be a grandmother someday, visit easily. Yet, I want them to be free - choose your dream, fly! Don't look back! Be!

Soon, they'll be away from my town. Will they, like the robins, return?

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Jenn Jilks said...

They will, indeed, return, Junosmom. Mine are visiting at Easter. I am quite excited. It is wonderful seeing them grow and develop, live, love and learn.

The hardest was leaving my daughter, alone, at the bungalow she rented in 2nd year university. The first year she was in residence, and I knew they had a community and infrastructure, and was not worried.
Roots and wings!

Sepiru Chris said...

Sweet post, Junosmom.

I am sure they will do extraordinarily fine.


debra said...

It really is a roots and wings thing.
and when it is time, when they are ready, you will know.

My #1 daughter will be home from college in NYC on Saturday. And I will know when it is time for her to return.

Travis Erwin said...

Let 'em fly.

pattinase (abbott) said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Don't let them go to NY. They will never return.

David Cranmer said...

Beautiful post:)

Reb said...

What a lovely post. Yes, they will fly and like Robins, will return.

Cloudia said...

ps: Thanks for your wonderful comments at my blog. You are SO appreciated...

Brother Tobias said...

Ours are past the age at which my sister and I flew, but still very much here. I am making the most of every day of it!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Oh, yeah. Those girls will come back with a vengeance! ;)

My boys are grown (whatever that means) and I still vacillate like that about their future. Then I remember to trust God. They're His anyway.

Loved the post. I've missed you!

Junosmom said...

Jennifer: I suppose worrying is part of the job. Thanks for being there.

Chris: Thank you, me too, but I still have to worry.

Debra: enjoy your visit. NYC seems far away.

Travis and Patti: I will let them fly, but could I just put a string around their legs to keep them closer?

Thank you, David, Reb and Cloudia! You are appreciated, too.

Brother Tobias: I stayed home longer than I think my girls will, so I am trying also, right now to treasure each day.

Janie: I think grown means they don't empty your refrigerator in one sitting, that's all. Yes, I'll trust God and them to find the way.


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