Friday, March 20, 2009

No Good Deed....

This week at the thrift store, a small wizened woman in a nurses' uniform peeked in the back room where I was sorting spring clothes and whispered that she needed to use the restroom. The director of the shop emphatically does not want us to let the public use the facilities which are only for the workers, after twice paying exorbitant fees for plumbing problems.

"Oh, please! I really NEED to use the restroom."

I relented and let her in, but was exasperated when she was in there for some time. Finally exiting, she went out shopping again and I folded more clothes. Then, it hit me. I had to hold my breath and go out of the small room. I never! The air was almost visible.

I opened a locked back door and got out a box fan. A large black woman came up to me. "Honey, I think you have a sewer problem here or something." I worried that they thought it was me.

After twenty minutes, the air somewhat cleared and I could go back in the room again, but it seems that all I accomplished was to push the air to the front of the shop! Lord, the woman should get herself to a doctor. ...and I did get my punishment for not following the rules.


pita-woman said...

Am laughing so hard!!!

Kristen Painter said...

LOL - okay, funny but not funny. No, wait, it's funny.

chuckmccky said...

Let's hope no one complains to the "Queen Bee" about Tuesday's odor!

Junosmom said...

pita: something you'll appreciate - I refused to use that bathroom after that. No telling what germs.

Kristen: It would be, I guess, if it had happened to someone but me.

Chuck: Well, she is back now. Maybe I'll get "fired".


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