Friday, March 13, 2009

Foaling Time

This time of year in rural Kentucky is foaling time. Many of them are on the ground already as racing horses all have the same birthday - January 1st - no matter what day of the year the foal is born. It is advantageous, therefore, to have the earliest true birthday in the year so as to have to oldest colt (or filly) possible when it comes time to race.

This is a poor photo of the frisky foal, but it does illustrate an interesting fact about this farm. You see the double fencing? This farm has stallions. The double fence keeps the stallions (or at least most of them) from jumping the fence to get to a particularly interesting mare.

My days are so full, I have to keep my windows calendar open at all times. Even then, I miss things. I feel so awful having missed William's baseball practice yesterday. I just forgot. Even while looking at the calendar.


Cloudia said...

I admire your life! Aloha-

pita-woman said...

It's amazing, I've got a big calender in front of my face at work, most of my appointments entered in my cell-phone calender, and on 2 calenders at home, and still yet, I always end up fogetting something or double-booking myself, so don't feel so bad, you're not alone.


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