Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Recently, I followed a comment link on another blog, intrigued by the name "Brother Tobias". I browsed a few entries until I came to his poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
Our leader is Brown
And we're in the poo.

My first thought was to leave a comment that it was not at all okay or funny to make racially insensitive remarks about our President. Before typing my response, I glanced over the other 20 odd comments, until awareness dawned - this was a British writer. He wrote about Brown with a capital B. As in Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England. And I became sheepish about thinking only from my own context. Yet Brother Tobias also admitted:

Junosmom - Welcome! Gosh, I hadn't been thinking beyond these small shores either, and see just how inappropriate my wording might seem. Gulp!

So, I feel a little better. Thank you, Brother Tobias for an interesting exchange.


debra said...

We do seem to see things from our own POV. Hard to think globally sometimes...

Passage of a Woman said...

Your failure to respond in haste helped to improve your vision and his!

Brother Tobias said...

Glad we cleared this up before the two of them met! Entente Cordiale rules within the old alliance.


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