Thursday, April 09, 2009

Corns and All

Our Church's youth minister is awesome, using all the available technology to meet the "youth" where they are. And she had to use every available avenue trying to get just one person to volunteer to have his or her feet washed at Holy Thursday Mass, which is tonight. It began with a phone message, asking Lauren if she was interested. Later, her cell phone rang, her email box filled and she was Facebooked. Will she consent to have her feet washed in commemoration of the washing of the Disciples' feet by Jesus at the Last Supper?

It seems that we needed a representative from each Church group or ministry. The teen youth group's general response, if I may paraphrase, was "EWWWW, GROSS!" No one would do it, and talk speculated around the possibility of getting some old man handling one's feet or of having to wash feet that were, shall we say, less than appealing? Lauren, however, consented to have them washed if there absolutely was no one else who could do it. Thank you, said the youth minister, you're my last hope and you're it! So this evening, she will have her feet washed.

It is a fortunate thing that no one asked me and that I consented. Several days back, it rained and I was doing horses alone as Lauren was out for the evening. As Quid entered the barn, her muddy hooves slid on the concrete floor like a skating rink and her legs went in four directions. She was stopped from falling only by, you guessed it, my foot. I was her "chock". My foot is now brilliantly displayed in technicolor and swelled to look like I've got gout. Not appealing.

Speaking of not appealing, have you seen the Ped Egg? We've gagged each time we've seen the commercial as they demonstrate emptying the thing of shaved skin from feet. I told the girls I was going to get one, use it on my foot, and then make coconut cream pie, using the shavings for coconut. They'll probably never eat that pie again.

Tick season! For some reason, the ticks don't seem to attach to cats, but like to ride in on them. I put flea and tick meds on them, but one cat hadn't had it yet, and I picked two ticks off of him today. Seems I missed one as one was crawling up my belly as I typed this. Itchy now??

William had an awesome piano lesson today.


Cloudia said...

Ah, The pastoral joys of farm life!
AWWW, Your poor paw....Hope you heal and feel much joy, Friend.

Brother Tobias said...

Quid pedes ita cessarunt?
I'm never going to have coconut cream pie again.

Junosmom said...

Thanks, Cloudia, some days I feel like a car wreck - but I'll heal.

Brother Tobias - well, I had to have a Latin lesson this morning but I thank you for it. I found this translation: Why have your feet thus stopped running? Is this correct? If so, they've stopped running because it hurts like h-e-double hockey sticks. Better, I found this delightful story:

Quid's name, however, did not have such a erudite beginning. Rather, she was named Quidditch when we bought her, the name coming of course from the game played in the novels about Harry Potter.

Sorry to ruin the pie for you.

pita-woman said...

Don't waste your money on buying a ped-egg... if you ever want one, I'll gladly give you mine (I'll sanitize it first of course). In all honesty, most of the skin-dust just falls to the ground instead of collecting inside the egg. I stopped using mine right after I bought it (another waste of money spent on "as seen on tv").
Hope your foot "heels" quickly. ;)

Brother Tobias said...

It's a long time since I learnt Latin. I hoped it might mean, "Quid, stop standing on my foot" (pes possibly taking pedes as the ablutive singular...) - but your translation sounds much righter.

I enjoyed that interesting, if cerebral, link!

Anonymous said...
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