Friday, April 10, 2009


Tears came to my eyes at last night's service as I saw our priest remove the robes of his office and kneel before four parishioners, my daughter among them, and humble himself to wash their feet. Such a solemn yet joyful Mass, beautiful music and symbolism, along with feeling the sadness of the unstoppable events to come on Good Friday. The tradition and pageantry of the service was very moving.

I hadn't expected that the parishioners would also be called forth to wash the feet of these four, but when they called people forth, I went. I had hoped to get in Lauren's line, but it was very long. Later at home, we laughed, because only the right foot was washed repeatedly and her poor left did not get a better treatment.

After picking up Anna at a Teen Council meeting, I returned home late to assist Lauren with the barn chores. The last chore was to shut up the chickens in the big coop. Lauren and I joked about not reaching in so that I didn't have a repeat episode of chicken poop jacket. As I entered the coop, I saw two hens perched on the top door, preferring no doubt the clean spring air to being shut up. As is my custom, I reached for a hen to put her in the coop, gently pinning her wings so she would not flap me about the face. Evidently, I didn't grab gently enough. In the darkness I hear the unmistakable sound of chicken sh@t being shot out. There was enough light to see that I was the intended target. All down my jacket and pants leg.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think the hen intentionally did it. Rather, I think you can basically squeeze it out of them if you squeeze too hard in the right place. Lauren asked how many poopy jackets I intended to make? For the second time that night, I was humbled. (It is hard to be anything but with chicken poop dripping down you.)

Tomorrow is opening day for Little League here, complete with a pancake breakfast and parade! Ye haw!

After reading here, go to Debra's blog and listen. A good way to start the day.


chuckmccky said...

Not all Holy Thursday services go as well as yours. I got this note from my former choir director in NJ. She now works in a smaller church:

Our procession was disaster!! the church is small so Father decided in the middle of the procession to go out the back, main door, leaving the altar servers in front of the procession wondering where Father went. The incense continued so the smoke alarm went off . The choir just kept singing without a clue as to when the Blessed Sacrament reached the Altar of repose in the crying room! After the ceiling fans and opened windows stopped the screaming alarm, "All departed in silence!"
Hope all went better for you!

debra said...

I had a close encounter with chicken poop today as well. Humbling indeed.
Isn't Playing for Change amazing? I have posted another video today (also one about Peeps)

Cloudia said...

I so love your bloggings!
Thanks for taking me to church,
and to the earthy temple of the creatures. You are a wonderful friend, especially for someone I never "met."
Aloha, Dear

Camflock said...

I was a big chicken to sit near anyone because I had tears in my eyes for much for much of the service. It was very touching to see the foot washing ceremony. I wanted to go up too, but didn't think anyone (especially Lauren) would appreciate a blubbering woman up there. I was very blessed to be there.

Happy Easter!

Sofia-free Ads said...

Lovely post very inspiring:-)


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