Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It was 9:12 p.m. last night, two minutes past the time I must leave to pick Anna up from art exactly at 9:30 if I don't get behind someone going well under the speed limit. Still, I took time to go to the big chicken coop, fearing that the raccoons might strike. Before shutting the door, I reached over as is my custom to feel the backs of each one, counting them in the dark and training them to be accustomed to my touch. Each gave a "bawk!" and I closed the door.

Returning to the car, I wasn't five feet up the driveway before the smell hit, an overpowering, nasal opening odor. I must have stepped in "it". Or, could it be the dogs, as I had two of them with me. Did they have an accident? No matter, I could not be late, and I decided to just drive and figure it out once I reached the art studio twenty minutes away.

As I drove, the smell became overpowering and I thought that Anna was going to object highly to to the smell in the car. While still driving, I slipped off one shoe, and then the other, smelling each to see if it was the offender. Perhaps I could drive home barefoot, tying the shoes to the roof of the car or something. I could not throw them out - my beloved "cow pie" shoes. But, it wasn't my shoes. The smell, I had decided, however, was distinctly chicken sh@t.

Shrugging, I inched down the windows, but it was so cold outside, I was obliged to also turn on the heat. The fan blowing the heat also blew up the offending smell, so turning off the heat, I shivered the remaining miles.

Arriving at the studio, I stepped inside to tell Anna I was there. "Uh, MOM!" she said pointing at my knit jacket. I looked down and saw that I was covered in chicken crap. Down my front and along my sleeve, I had a nice, green chicken "cow pie". Evidently, when reaching into the coop, and being short of stature, that isn't all that easy, I had rubbed against the door where a chicken had sat and shat.

Quickly, I unzipped the jacket, balled it up, and stuck it near the door for retrieval as I left. I had a pleasant conversation as usual with the ladies there, and we left.

Once in the car, Anna and I started laughing. Very grateful I was that she saw it before anyone else. I told her I could hear her instructor coming out and in her Georgia drawl wondering "what is that smell"? Anna began to laugh that hysterical beyond funny tearful laugh as she pictured her mother coming into the studio covered in chicken crap and being found out by the ladies there. Because she is soon to get her driving permit, I was thankful she didn't have it yet given that she could not stop laughing which might have impaired her driving.

I guess I'll never get the "best dressed mother" of the year award, or even the "doesn't really smell that bad" award. I supposed this is one of the stories that will go in the "remember when mom....." book.

Aloha Mo found his crow.

After some cold, it is supposed to be spring-like again.

Lauren and I have been watching the movie Impromptu. Did you know that George Sands, Liszt, Chopin and Delacroix all hung out together? Very interesting movie so far. One reason I really like Netflix is that we have available to us many videos both on demand and by ordering them by mail that aid in our studies.

Dh said watching William grow is bittersweet: it is delightful to see him thrive but each day is like losing the little boy we love so much. He has grown five inches in one year, and each day is more boy and less little boy.


Passage of a Woman said...

Ah, now I know what all Anna's laughter was about!

Cherish every moment, as I know you do. They grow so fast. Their childhoods are so fleeting, as are all the moments of our lives, really.

The blessing at the end of their childhoods, however, is seeing the wonderful young men and women they have become, and watching all their dreams and aspirations come to fruition. Then, the grandchildren. Seeing your little boy or little girl in the eyes and mouth, and giggles, and mannerisms, of that baby boy or girl bring those bittersweet memories back to life, somehow.

My, God is good!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I enjoyed this one.

Jenn Jilks said...

Priceless. My husband is feeling well, but usually does the mail, etc.

I went off the the Post Office in a plaid quilt jacket and his big rain boots. This, however, is even better.


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