Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Anna was at home making dinner when the rest of us began walking in from William's baseball game. We'd driven separate cars, having come from different locations, and dh was the first to arrive. Anna looked up from the computer and paused before saying anything: Dad had a large brown spot on his forehead. Had he been injured? Facial blemish? He got closer and she realized he had a penny stuck there. She started laughing. He pulled it off, looked at it, and said it likely had been in the ball cap he was wearing at the game.

She continued to giggle in that girl giggle and he responded with that man tilt of the head and sneer, saying "he-he-he, very funny" which of course, only made it funnier. Lauren arrived and then I, and we added to the laughter, all the while he shrugged and "tee-hee-heed". I said the only obvious thing: "A penny for your thoughts!"

Later, while dh and I sat watching TV, the girls came in with pennies stuck to their foreheads.

Nests should be built by now, but this dang cardinal continues to fight with himself in our window. We've put out a blanket to cover the window. Wonder if that will work?

It is so very chilly here. My greatest fear is living through an ice age. It seems like it's coming. Will it never warm up?


Travis Erwin said...

Gives new meaning to "I call heads."

whitetr6 said...

Perhaps he offered his two cents sometime during the game and someone gave him change back?

pita-woman said...

Careful what you wish for, we're s'posed to have a bit of a heatwave later this week. I guess we'll be going from running the furnace tonight, to running the a/c come Thursday. Well, maybe I can suffer through temps in the low 80's.

Fatcat said...

Our cardinal did that all summer last year, about drove us crazy.

Cloudia said...

I love being a fly on your happy wall!
Covering your window for a bird? You must be a nut like me ;-)

Soon you will be complaining about heat, I bet. and I'll be reading it!
Aloha, Sistah

debra said...

Funny about the penny. My #1 daughter's cell phone was falling apart and the numbers would always come off and stick to her face. Great image!
We had a cardinal that would sit on the side mirror of our truck all the time. He would look at himself, turn around, lift his tail and take a dump. Every day. Good luck with the blanket.

Sepiru Chris said...

I am so with Cloudia, Junosmom.


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