Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, we went to a Mass in Spanish held for the Hispanic and youth community. After, our youth group hosted a taco bar for everyone, taught people to dance the merengue, and the kids beat on piñatas. The piñatas were the highlight.

The Hispanic man in charge was a delight. He tied his shoes to a rope and threw them twenty feet in the air to the bottom branch of a towering oak. It took several tries as we all shouted encouragement and tried to avoid being hit by the shoes on the failed attempts. We all howled with laughter as the piñatas danced around and up and down around the blindfolded (and later, unblindfolded) kids, particularly the teens who wanted to beat the daylights out of it. No one laughed harder than the Hispanic man with holding the end of the rope - he truly enjoyed his "job".
These were no ordinary piñatas - they were made by the Mexican grocery in town and were very tough to break. Before they did, the stick broke, and I had to retrieve William's baseball bat to finish the job. Finally, the pinatas broke, and the kids, screaming, ran to get candy. William gathered all the coupons for a free personal pizza. I made him share as he'd found five.

Our yard is fluorescent green. Finally, the weather I've been waiting for. I love spring. Still, I am curbing my planting impulse and going very slowly. I love to plant things, yet by July, I am usually so busy, my plantings go to weeds. I am very good at growing weeds.


Arby said...

You must have learned to garden from the Boss!

Junosmom said...

Arby! You're back! I've been wondering how you and the Boss and kids are faring. I hope all is well and your chickens are happy.

Camflock said...

I have been the recipient of many freshly picked homegrown veggies from that garden. I also have enjoyed many walks around that garden inspecting the new growth on your plants.

I thought weeds were in gardens to give the bugs something to eat so they would leave the real plants alone!

Passage of a Woman said...

Fortunately, weeds don't need my help to grow, or I would undoubtedly kill them, too! I love your experiential lessons. They make so much more of a lasting and real life impression than just "book learning." Had he been in public school, he might have had the benefit of watching a video or perhaps a taco lunch brought in by the PTA moms...........

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Junosmom,

I have always considered weeds serendipitous flowers. It makes me feel better about them.

It is quite enjoyable getting reacquainted with your world after an absence. The Cinco de Mayo sounds like a lot of fun, I would have enjoyed being there.

Query, as summer is here (well, only fluorescent spring for you)... do you make mint juleps as you are now in Kentucky? When do those start coming out?


Sepiru Chris said...

Oh, and Junosmom, the laughter on the video is infectious. Thanks for sharing that, too.


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