Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Go Two!

When teaching kids, it is always instructional to make sure they understand the terminology. Recently, while driving home from baseball practice, William mentioned that he enjoyed playing but did not understand why the coach was yelling "GO TWO" after his hit. Well, I explained that meant the hit was good, and he should go two bases, round first base and keep running to second. If he shouts, "GO THREE" that means go to third base.

"What does he mean if he shouts 'DIG, DIG, DIG?'"
"Well, that means he wants you to dig your cleats into the dirt and run faster."

William, who grew another inch since February, hasn't quite grown accustomed to his bigger body. "I don't think I can do that," he replied. He still runs a bit like a preschooler and acts goofy to boot. It will take care of itself.

At any rate, it does no good to shout at kids if they haven't any idea of the meaning what you are saying.


Cloudia said...

So true ;-)

Passage of a Woman said...

Boys are like puppies: they must grow into their paws and their ears. In a few years, you're likely to have the opposite problem: instead of William failing to understand the meaning of what is said (or shouted) to him, you may find it difficult at times to understand what he is saying to you.

Sepiru Chris said...



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