Monday, May 18, 2009

The Longest Weekend

So many things I want to share as I go about my busy days. I need a head implant so that I can blog as I scoop manure and transmit directly to the blog: I ought to tell people that pi$$ ants are back. I'm sure you'd want to know. They are actually parasitoid wasps that hatch in the spring and you see them all over the manure piles. Why do I like them? Well, they show it is now really spring and warm, but more importantly, they are predators of house fly larvae in the manure piles and keep down the flies. I am fortunate to have my own colony, but you can also buy them online. Yes, so as I scoop manure each morning, I think of sharing this with you because my life is so full of manure.

So what have I been up to? Just this weekend, Lauren and I drove 380 miles to two piano competitions (she won third place in DePauw University's competition and we await results on the other) on Saturday. On Sunday, we attended Church, baseball practice, the high school graduation of three wonderful homeschooled teens, and left from there to go to a piano recital that included Lauren and the children of several close friends and my niece. Dh, who was at his aunt's memorial service in New Jersey this weekend, flew in and got there just in time to hear Lauren play. What a whirlwind!

All this and we are all fighting a virus that gives one a terrible "I can't talk" sore throat that lingers and sometimes, develops into a cold. I have had the sore throat for a week and a half, but no cold. Anna and William can't hardly breathe, and Lauren appears to be getting it now that her commitments have been made and she can afford to get it. Dh has been lucky so far. And yes, we've tested for strep - it's not.

Other notes:
Roxie (miniature horse) was reaching for that one little last blade of grass when the board of the fence gave, and being small, she stepped through the fence. At five in the morning, she was in the middle of the road. A good Samaritan neighbor on his way to work stopped and put her in our yard and closed our main gate. We found her later at 7 a.m. and his card telling us what happened. He stopped by later that day and introduced himself, (we'd not met previously) and I thanked him. Cars were going by, he said, and he could not just leave her there and turned around and came back. Thank God that there are people in this world that are willing to look out for their neighbor.

Both my bantams are broody. One sits on three fertilized eggs. I don't need more chickens and hope to give them away. The other sits on two pitiful little green eggs but she has no babydaddy so they won't be hatching.

I look at the yard and my planting gene starts working, but I don't have time. I should be growing food - the economy, you know.

I'm sure there is more I meant to write, but as I said, I've not gotten that brain implant yet, so I've forgotten more than I've written. Check back soon, and maybe I'll remember.


whitetr6 said...

We've been looking forward to the hatching of several "Praying" Mantis egg casings we get every year in our bushes. They also help keep the population of unwanted garden insects at bay.

They say you can't pick your neighbors, which is why I like to think that for one reason or another God picks them for you (or you for them). Glad this one cared enough about your horse to care for it when you couldn't.

Congrats to Lauren on the continued Piano success!

David Cranmer said...

I think you're doing very well without the brain implant and gracias on all the updates.

Kristen Painter said...

Okay, that's it. I'm going outside to plant the seedlings I've been growing. At least there's no manure involved.

chuckmccky said...

You do so much now, I just can't imagine what you would do after the brain implant!

pita-woman said...

Whew! And I thought I stayed busy. You put me to shame!
Congrats to "L" & I hope the results from the other competition are as good if not better.
Sorry to hear of the dh's aunt.
Sorry most of you are under the weather, get well soon!!
Most certainly glad you had a neighbor kind enough to watch out for Roxie's well being.
Just out of curiousity, how do home-schoolers have a graduation? Is it at the parent's home of each family? Or do a bunch of home-schoolers get together and graduate their kids all at once in a ceremony?

Cloudia said...

Lauren sounds like a dream!
You are a wonderful lady - even when scooping manure. Thanks for checking in!! Aloha, gal pal

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Junosmom,

Congratulations to Lauren, and wowsers, Junosmom, you are certainly a busy lady.

Now I get to go back into the archives and see what I have missed in the last month, although I might not leave comments on all.

I sprained my wrist the other day and typing is exacerbating it. And sending shooting pains the elbow. Always an interesting sign.

Which is my way of saying, sorry, cannot help with the manure today. You would likely have moved it all by the time I arrived, anyway.


Cloudia said...

Miss You!
This is a great post.....

Sepiru Chris said...

Hey Junosmom,

Yoked up to the plough?

Pulling weeds by the bushel?

Grooming, or mucking out the horses?

It doesn't matter, we'll all be back whenever you have time again.

I well understand time being at a premium some months.

All the best, and I hope all is well.



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