Monday, May 04, 2009


At the end of our street sits a house that is a landmark of sorts. I always use it in directions to our house: "At our street, you'll see a brown brick house with pink and purple trim. You can't miss it." As we passed the house the other day, William remarked, "That house is hideous. Don't you think that house is hideous, Mom?" I agreed it was not within my preferences. William continued, "I don't even know what hideous means, but that's what that house is."

As for the house, I am told that the inhabitants are a bit different from the rest of us - they painted their fences brown, a true standout in our black fence region. A statement?

I have been on the road, college shopping for the girls. I am astounded at the changes to my alma mater, the University of Cincinnati. Buildings have sprung up from the earth, though some of it remains the same. The very old classic building where I spent many a sweaty, hot class is now air conditioned. How did they pay for it? Well, when I attended there, I think tuition in-state was about $2000. Now, it is about $9400, and out of state, which my children would be, will be $25,000, not including living expenses. Not to worry: they give 10, TEN, full scholarships for the entire university (read with sarcasm). It was beautiful though.


pita-woman said...

I love his perception of what is hideous.
Granted, that house may not appeal to most of us, but just think how easy it has made it for many of your guests to find you over the years. Every neighborhood has a home or two that stands out in some way, whether it's good or bad. There for a while, our house was the "stand-out" when we had our Festivus Tree on the front porch.
Dare to be different!!!

Arby said...

$25,000? A year? For a tax-payer funded university? Yikes!

Cloudia said...

Oh, you were on a road trip. i was a bit worried about your absence, but realized it must be Sprintime chore related - and I was right ;-)

"I don't even know what hideous means, but that's what that house is."
LOL! Glad to see you back.

debra said...

I share your pain about college tuition. My #1 daughter is in college in NYC. We're waiting to hear about her financial aid award for next year. The economy has impacted these awards, too, I'm told.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Junosmom,

Your observations always make me smile. You are there the Boswell to your family and your town. What out for Francis "Anna" Bacon, however, and her essays...



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