Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to Anna

In the dimly lit, quiet room, I reached down and was the first human to touch you. In a few more moments, you were in my arms, the first arms to hold you. But I knew you already - you were my Anna. You seemed, already, to know me. For days after, I am told, the hospital staff talked of the wonder and beauty of your birth. I was not surprised, and still am not. Your quiet gracefulness and inner beauty continues to give me and our family joy. Would I could, I would hold you in my arms like the baby you once were, but I know that I must now embrace the woman you are becoming. Happy Sweet Sixteen, my darling girl.

And - Congratulations for winning BEST OF SHOW! in the art contest last night!


Anonymous said...

These have to be the most beautiful sentiments I ever read, you should write for American Greeting Cards. They are just the same I felt when you were born with the obvious limitations of being a Dad and not a Mom, Love, Dad

Crisann WhiteRose said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

Great job in the art contest!

Sepiru Chris said...

Happy Birthday Anna and Congratulations on your win!

Passage of a Woman said...

Touching sentiments, Cathy. I know exactly how you feel.

Happy Sweet 16 Anna! And congratulations on your win. You have been blessed with such talent!

Cloudia said...

Hauoli La Hanau!
Happy day of your birth, as we say in Hawaii, Anna! Congratulations on your win; and congratulations to my friend on your lovely daughter!!!

Arby said...

Happy Birthday!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Beautiful post, and to a beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday, Anna!

pita-woman said...

I'm a bit misty-eyed. **sniff**
16? Gee, where does the time go?
I can still remember when both the girls were about 3&4 yrs ol, sitting on the bench at obedience school (for the dog obviously, not the kids), and one of them falling off the bench. It's hard to realize those same two little girls are the same two young women full of talent we know today.
Congrats on the contest!!

whitetr6 said...

Beautiful post, C.

I'm not a bit surprised on Anna's Best in Show. I absolutely love that picture, as does everyone I've shown it to.

Happy 16th Anna

Junosmom said...

Thank you to all! We all enjoyed Anna's birthday, and yes, it seems like only yesterday when she was born.

As for Best of Show, interestingly, the painting shown was not the winner - but it was the best photo of Anna. (That takes precedence.) Her "Still Life" won. What is interesting about that is that in the Scholastic contest, this portrait won a Gold Key (quite an honor) and the Still Life a silver award. In this contest, the portrait got third place, and the Still Life got Best of Show. It illustrates that in the art world, judging is very subjective and unpredictable. You learn to smile at the honors and be humble at all times, for you never know who likes what.

Kristina said...

What a great birthday present! Happy Birthday!

Robin said...

Interestingly enough (I've been absent for awhile...missed you!), I think perhaps, this post might weirdly coincide with mine? It's odd...but...I dunno.
You're way with words is stunning, now you put a mother's love into that kind of touch is surreal and touching...thank you for that....that comforts and touches me in more ways than you know! Happy birthday Anna! And good job MOM!


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